Snowshoeing at Sun Mountain Lodge

Snowshoeing at Sun Mountain Lodge
Winthrop, WA
January 29th, 2015
$5 for snowshoe day passes each

We drove up to Sun Mountain Lodge from Winthrop to see what everyone talks about and snowshoe. The sun was shining, blue sky all around, and it was about 28 degrees when we started. PERFECT! We took Moose Trail down to the smaller loop of Black Bear Trail then back up. The trailhead is nearer to the road when driving up–you cross over from the parking lot to hike down to Moose. (“To Moose” sign post)

The views were AMAZING! You get views of the valley and the hills, animals and far away homes. The trail moves thru trees and open meadows, up and down in elevation. By the end we were wearing just a long-sleeve shirt, climbing back up to the Lodge in the warm sunlight. We didn’t see anyone else on the trail and it had been walked on by many others so was easy to navigate. We think if there had been fresh snow it might be hard to find the trail with the minimal markers.

I would go back and try out many more trails! We only snowshoed about 4km but it was hard work! We ate lunch at the lodge and headed back down to town. The lodge is nice and well known but not really our style in the end.

Moose Trail
Brian at the beginning of the trail
Amazing Views!
Amazing valley views and hills
Black Bear Trail
The sunny trail
Beautiful day!
Beautiful day!




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